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Sell Your Hand Made Craft Items

If you are local to Exeter, Devon (UK) and make items by hand then you could have a small space to have a 'shop window' of what you make in the city centre. Please pop into the shop and speak to Sonya for further details


Sell your craft items

We sell items on behalf of a number of local crafters. You pay a small amount per week and then we take 15% from your sales. Minimum agreement is 1 month and we ask everyone to volunteer in the shop to support and help promote the shop. 

If this is something you re interested in please come and and ask for more details 


Agreement rules

  • Everything you sell in the shop has to be made by yourself. 

  • We support local to Exeter makers (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset)

  • Shelf holders must have their own public  and product liability insurance.

  • All items  must meet regulations of safety or specific regulations – such as UKCA /food regs etc – evidence needs to be kept in the shop.

  • Items sold must conform to the ethos of the shop of eco friendly, locally hand made /produced and sourced where possible.

  • All must agree to our ethos to be a friendly positive and welcoming place that is inclusive and welcome to all. Main thing it to be kind. Anyone not keeping to these rules will be asked to leave.

  • We attend other events such as craft events at Westpoint and there is sometimes the opportunity to have a space there – details are sent out on this.

Your Craft - Your Hub

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